The process

Step  1: You get in touch with us.

Step  2: We jointly evaluate whether your interests and our working areas and initiatives match. We are open for your project ideas and are happy to help you identifying some among our initiatives.

Step  3: You fill the volunteer application form below.


Step  4: COTFONE management reviews and assesses your application and informs you. In case of any questions we of course get back to you.

Step  5: You apply for a maximum 3 months tourist visa. No worries, we will change it to a Special Visa once you arrive and you can extend it in case you want to stay longer.

Step  6: You book your flight and tell us your flight details so we can arrange your airport pick-up.

Step  7: You arrive in Uganda at Entebbe Airport , we pick you up and help you to overcome the first culture shocks :).

Step  8: You will settle down one arrived in Kiwangala, get an introduction and will start when ready.