Our facilities

The social centre – your home during your stay in Kiwangala

The social centre is located 100 metres next to COTFONE’s office and the schools. The children home is even within the same building.

Your room has a bed with a matress and a proper mosquito net. You will have a shelf and a small desk with a chair. Toilets and showers can be found in the yard. Your food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be available at the Centre as well. For food and accommodation, we ask you to contribute 5$ a day.

A choice of hotels – in case you decide to stay in Masaka

We have another office in Masaka, the next city which is around 40 minutes away by car from Kiwangala. In case you prefer to stay there or if it even makes, depending on the initiative you involve in, to sit with our colleagues in Masaka, there are plenty of hotels in all price ranges available.

Our car

Our organizational car,  a 7-seaterToyota Landcruiser,  is available for rent for a fair rate. Prices are in Ugandan Shilling but range around 40$ for a day rent and 100$ for a two day rent, all including driver, his food and accommodation. This means you can explore  Uganda very conveniently and start directly from Kiwangala.