As part of their engagement in education, COTFONE founded the Kiwangala Community Primary School, the Kiwangala Community Early Childhood Development Centre and the Kiwangala Community Children Home.

Supporting them to sustain themselves, it is COTFONE’s long-term objective that these initiatives become independant and can provide services to the community while supporting themselves. This will enable COTFONE to concentrate its resources on founding new initiatives and engaging in projects to further improve the development of the community.

Sponsoring one of the children at school or in the children home is the most powerful way to ensure their education. We offer four different categories of sponsoring:

1. Sponsoring a child in the early childhood development centre (daycare)

With sponsoring a child of the ECD (ages 3-6), you cater for his or her school fees, scholastic materials and health care. This is possible with 10€ each month.

2. Sponsoring a child in primary school (daycare)

With sponsoring a child of the primary school (ages 6-14), you cater for his or her school fees, scholastic materials and health care. This is possible with 10€ each month.

3. Sponsoring a child in the children home

With sponsoring a child of the children home, you cater for his or her school fees, scholastic materials, health care, toiletries, food, shelter and supervision. This is possible with 20€ each month.

4. Contributing to respective initiative sustainability fund

With contributing to the sustainability fund of either the children home, the primary school or the early childhood development centre, you can contribute to pay the teachers, to supply school materials such as textbooks, chalk and sponges, as well as water for hygiene and to support the development of the school building and the compound. We developed this option for you in case you want all children to benefit equally from your sponsoring or want to contribute a different amount than indicated in the above options.

5. Round of fruits for the pupils

To improve the pupils diet which mainly consists of maize porridge, posho (maize flour with water in a different form) and beans, we offer that you can donate a round of bananas (1€), passionsfruits (3€) or pineapples (5€) for the 80 pupils at the Primary School and the ECD.  To do so please get in touch with us and donate the respective amount by following this link.

Please follow the below links to the pages of the initiatives to find the children you can sponsor.
Early Childhood Development Centre
Primary School
Children Home

By sponsoring a vulnerable, orphaned or abandoned child you will ensure his or her early and/or primary education. You will receive six-monthly updates about the progress of the child including a letter and picture of the child by e-mail. Furthermore, you become a member of COTFONE and will receive a membership certificate.

You can decide between a monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or yearly payment scheme. Please send us an email with your chosen option, your child, your name, your email address and your preferred payment scheme to info.cotfone@gmail.com and donate the respective amount by following this link to the sponsorship donation platform and using the “CONTRIBUTE” button on the right.

The children and COTFONE highly appreciate your support! We are interested in long-term relationships between you and the vulnerable, orphaned and abanodoned children of our community. For this reason, you can also support the children during their time at secondary school through us as many cannot afford the higher fees. Ideally, one day we would love to welcome you here in Kiwangala, in the rural Southwest of Uganda, to meet your child!