Who we are


“Transforming the life of the vulnerable”

COTFONE was founded in 2003 as an indigenous, non-profit organization to respond to the growing levels of vulnerability among young OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) living in rural households. The plight of the young people is affected by HIV prevalence among young cohorts, socio-economic vulnerability, and lack of employable skills for school dropout youth and continued abuse of the fundamental rights of children and youth. Therefore, the organization was formed with a mandate to mobilize and work with young people to develop themselves, by addressing their HIV/AIDS, Malaria, immunization , Adolescent Sexual Reproductive health, and education, vocational and economic needs etc.


Healthy and self-reliant communities.


To empower orphans and vulnerable children with skills and resources to lead healthy and self-reliant lives and become agents of change in their communities.


In all work, COTFONE is guided by the values of God fearing, transparency, and respect for human rights, integrity, confidentiality, working through volunteers and accountability.

  1. Increasing access and equity of appropriate education for vulnerable community members such as orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), youths and other target groups.
  2. Improving community based health and nutritional status of community members for better quality of life.
  3. Contributing to poverty alleviation through appropriate interventions and strategies for transformation of impoverished communities.
  4. Ensuring respect and promotion of human rights and dignity.
  5. Contributing to the environmental conservation and protection.
  6. Setting up self-reliant structures and institutions to be taken over by the community as they reach the stage of maturity.


COTFONE is licensed to operate countrywide but currently operating in Greater Masaka region in South Western Uganda. The current head office of COTFONE is physically located in Kiwangala Trading Centre, Lwengo district.